Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For working over half a year at my restaurant I have quickly grown to really like the people I work with. So it becomes very sad when they do stupid things and think nothing will come of it because they had been there for so long. Well, as long as I have been there, when people are late I don't hear anything of it. The management seemed to not care as long as they came. So my friend, being known as one of the big slackers, managed to not show up for two shifts. He didn't come look at the schedule for himself. Dumb number 1. As a result he was put on suspension for two weeks without pay. When he was put back on the schedule he was demoted to being a busser and only worked very few shifts. He was doing good. Than a couple of days ago, I was talking with him during a lunch shift and we both knew we worked that night as well. So when it came time for him to clock in, he wasn't there. I tried to save his butt by getting the host to call him. Well, our manager walked up right than and I knew he was screwed. He really was a great guy, but was an idiot. It made me sad to say goodbye and wish him luck.
Another friend of mine, who had been in this business for 16 plus years made a mistake that was completely our of character for her. A guest had allergies to mushrooms. I am not sure, but I guess she didn't communicate this with the kitchen. Thus the guest got sick. She has been doing this forever and she neglects to keep caution. WHY!? So I think she is either fired or suspended. I am not really sure what yet. It blows my mind these people do these things. Now the management is on everyones case to be on time and rightfully so too. However, I think there a few that will still not be reprimended for being late even if its 15 minutes. We are all adults and yet resonsibility comes very slowly to some.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

crazy neighbor

This a busy time of year at work. I work 4 doubles back to back. that means 1100 am to 1100 pm with maybe a hour break inbetween. Well, we have a neighbor. this neighbor is single and has a dog and must think he is the only person in the universe. Jason and I tend to get off work pretty late comparitively. We like to talk to each other and catch up with the days occurances. Sometimes we make something to eat. Numerous times this neighbor has complained about loud noises or voices or whatever. The apartment people have come and put little cushions on the cuboards. They have done a sound check in our apartment and his apartment and determined the noise comes from our chest of drawers ( that isn't against the wall and doesn't make noise when we close it). But whatever. We have tried to not cook so noisely or at all when we get home. And we don't have people over simply because he will complain. The apartment people are really sick and tired of his little antics and have been extremely helpful for us. They like us. Not him. But he just keeps on complaining. They gave us the option of moving to another apartment without any fees. We decided that is the best option. We just want to live in peace. So amidst this busy time we are moving to another apartment. It is a newly remodeled apartment and the same size as our old one. But we lose our view. Not to mention we are getting a puppy, and getting married all within a month. People forget they live in AN APARTMENT SETTING. We share walls, and yes sound will carry. Crazy people!!