Monday, September 21, 2009

work woes

All of us that have work are grateful and happy to provide for our families. I am grateful for my husband that works so hard everyday. He deals with so much and is always stressed about work. Believe me, he will talk in his sleep about work. It is that bad. Me on the other hand doesn't know how I feel about my job anymore. When I first started working there I was the work horse and would work anytime, anywhere. Than I started taking parties and actually had a couple I would have every week. I also started having shifts in the bar a couple times a week. And presently, I am now fully in the bar as a bartender/cocktailer. I didn't sign up for that. I am a server. I am not a fully trained bartender. I make far less money even if I have a shift by myself in the bar. A restaurant that is part of our corporation had closed and we took on a couple of people from that restaurant. Suddenly some of the senior staff's shifts are less and these new transfers are working the shifts we should be working. It is good to know that they trust me to be alone in the bar anyway. However, I must go back to the MONEY. Even on a slow night on the floor chances are I would make more than if I was in the bar. As a cocktailer, we pool the tips in the bar. so unless I close or stay on for awhile I don't make a lot. It is frustrating. I don't want to say anything cause for some reason management can be very vengeful for stating your concerns. It is slow, I understand. But I can still make good money. I just don't know what to do. I will fight for my right to work during the holidays. Not in the bar either. Why does it need to be this hard to hold a position you have become established at. It is all complete crap.