Saturday, September 4, 2010


Toothpaste is used for one thing. To clean your teeth with. But do people think of the other things that is can used for. Jason, my husband, lived a life that required him to be creative and use what means he had available. So one day he told me, much to my discomfort, to use the toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean your rings. For some reason I thought that to be a little gross. However, once he did it my ring sparkled. I actually prefer to do that now since my ring isn't that high quality and I fear if I put it in the jewelry cleaning solution my ring may fall apart. I know I am weird. The next use I found to be the absolute best thing I have discovered is toothpaste is an excellent zit zapper. I saw it online. I had really bad acne when I was teenager. REALLLY BAD! My parents and I used all the things you could think of to get rid of my acne. Eventually, we found a experimental drug called accutane, I think, and took part. The drug worked and my acne cleared and has yet to resurface thankfully. Now adays I still get the little zits that one gets when stressed or doesn't care to wash the face before bed. So I decided to put a dab of toothpaste on one of those blemishes and ZAP. Within two days, the ugly red thing was gone. I live by toothpaste as an exceptional zit zapper.

Friday, August 27, 2010


My pregs aka Beebs told me to write on my blog more. So here we go. I was able to come visit the family this past week. I was super excited to see Beebs pregnant. It tripped me out to see her like that. I would poke her belly, or rub her belly just make sure it was real. She looks adorable. It made me really think about having children. Jason and I have been talking and talking about it. We had a set time to start trying and I am FREAKED OUT. Babies are a big deal. We have a boy name and a girl name picked out already. I live a lifestyle much different than the typical 9-5. So its questions galor to my friends at work who have children and live the life I do. Two major things that have plagued my mind are finances of course and child care. I live in Arizona, miles from my family. Family being close would be so ideal if I needed a babysitter for free. Child care is super expensive. Of course, the other solution is that Jason and I work opposite schedules. My analytical mind is completely overwhelmed with finding a solution. At least I have people around that can give me advice. I have awhile yet, but its not like time stands still.

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Warning to all you bankers. We have been banking with Bank of America for a few years now. As I was doing a routine browse of out statements I noticed a maintanece fee of 9 dollars. It happened again on the previous statement too. I looked it up and it indicated that we have this fee cause we aren't maintaning a certain amount in our accounts. Also we can't waive the fee because our companies don't offer direct deposit. So we go to the bank to talk about our options. Apparently this fee spreads across our other accounts. The amount we need to maintain is higher than we are able to keep in there at one time. The teller didn't seem to understand that our lifestyle is very different than most. She didn't understand that we don't get offered direct deposit and she was at a loss when we said that I get paid in cash everyday. The look on her face made me realize the she wasn't going to help. I was infuriated that we are paying for the bureaucratic, CEO salary for someone to press a button and stare at a screen 9 dollars every month and that people can't see past their regular life and notice a life that isn't the typical 9-5. I immediately called other banks to compare. Although they also suggest direct deposit, they also DID NOT charge maintanence fees. I closed one of my accounts and once that gets here we will close the rest and move our money to a bank that doesn't try to take money for rediculous purposes. What a world this is.


My dog is the cutest thing ever. She had developed this stance of laying alond the back of the couch with her little hind paws stretched out behind her. She also has a biological clock at 1030 every morning, if Jason and I aren't awake, she will take it upon herself to wake us up by stepping on our head or face and licking us. Can be annoying, but you can't help but love her like a human child. We want to get her a friend so she isn't alone when we are working. Jason has a friend that has a dog they want to find a home for. Jason is very impulsive and would have taken the dog in a second. However, he has me the voice of reason that said we can't afford another dog while living in these apartments. I told him to tell the friend to hold off til April unless another owner can be found. I feel bad, but rent on top of dog rent on top of bills and another major issue we are dealing with adds up to money strains.

Christmas was a good one. we bought a 37" flat screen TV for our christmas gift to each other. Its the bomb. In our apartment it looks like a movie screen. We love it. Next is a sick sound system.

Once our lease is up in April we will try to find a place that is less expensive, and more spacious. We just have a few to many things for our little place. Its manageable, but storage is limited. Counter space is ZERO. As I looked online for places I was a little stunned to find that a house for rent is about 200 dollars cheaper than our apartment. I don't really get that. Besides the amenities available here I don't think the price is worth it. So I am excited to get a place with more space, a nice kitchen, storage, and no pet rent.