Monday, April 27, 2009

childhood stories

I don't know if anyone remembers Babar the Elephant or Rudyard Kiplings The Elephant Child. Its funny how you watch a movie like Coming to America and things just pop into your mind. I know I loved these stories and the characters. When reading The Elephant Child I always wondered what "insatiable curiousity" meant. I think I related to it as a child cause I am in fact as an older adult very curious, to the point of being unnecessarily nosy. Babar was just a fascinating character as a child. I don't remember much of anything about that book unfortunately. I would love to find these books and have them for my future kids.

poor Utah Jazz. At least they still make the playoffs. Still, as its been said among my family, the old school coaching and program need to be reconstructed. These young players can't play under restraint. This is why I think the Bulls, Celtics, etc. do so well. They have the freedom and contemporary mentality to be at their full potential. On day maybe we will be on top again.

Remember this: "John Stockton for Three! YAAAAAAAA! John Stockton sends the Utah Jazz to the NBA Finals!" Oh man good times.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

celtics v. bulls

I must say that this series is one of the most exciting games I have seen in awhile. I can only imgaine how the celtics would be if Garnnet was playing, but these teams are very well matched and one has a championship and the other has built themselves up. I am impressed with the bulls and their young team and coach. Rose, Hinrich, Noab are something special. Who knows they could become the next big trio next to Garnnet, Allen, and Pierce. Derek Rose of the bulls is a little speed demon that strides from one end to other and never fears any kind of contact. Although there are times that I think his youth shows quite a bit in his mistakes. I have always liked watching Hinrich when he was with Kansas. Gordon is a good go to man for the bulls as well. Rondo of the Celtics is almost like a mirror image of Rose. They both have speed and a great ability to play this game. I think Rondo actually keeps his cool and lets things be created before he throws the ball around. Oh....Allen for three!! Love Ray Allen. He has the ball you see fans hands go up indicating a three pointer. Even though I think the Bulls have a good chance to progress through the playoffs, I think the Celtics will go further.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

what's in a name

So the conversation goes as follows

Why do you want to take my last name? (Jason)
Cause you'll be my husband and that's how its been for a long time (Erica)
But my name is so generic and boring, I don't like my last name (Jason)
It doesn't matter to me, I like it (Erica)
I don't even like my family, why would you want my last name (Jason)
But your name is good. You have good credit and you can anything with your name (Jason)
What does that have to do with having your name (Jason)
My name sucks (Jason)
We could try a combination (Erica)
Erica Rounds Smith, Erica Smith Rounds, Erica Smrounds (Jason)
Girls hyphenate there name all the time (Erica)
Maybe I should switch my last name to your last name (Jason)
Oh geez, We'll figure it out (Erica)

Erica Janet Smith. Nothing wrong with this name. Jason tends to be paranoid about past times and how they are attached to his name. No credit card, loan etc. is going to care that my last name is Smith. Millions of people have this last name. If I were to go into witness protection it would be hard for anyone to find me. Come on Jason chill out. With my credit or whatever else comes with me will help Jason too. I like the idea of being called Mr. and Mrs. Smith. All my life I have had to spell out my last name so people get it right. Now all I have to do is say Smith and I cut 3 seconds of time off. I don't want to be retarded and my kids tell people their parents have two last names. My kids will have one last name and so will I.

P.S. My fiance is cute like this.

Monday, April 20, 2009

what bothers me

It bothers me that I can never hold any expectations for anything I do or plan. If I get involved things don't quite go the way I want them to. I don't think I will ever be able to move up in the chain in my line of work cause I am not a brown noser nor like attention brought to me. Although I tend to envy those naturally charismatic people, I always think if its worth it. I have issues with anxiety as it is, why make it worse.
An instant of plans regarding me was my 16th birthday. I just got off work and my mother informs me that she had planned to have some of my friends to come and give my a surprise birthday party. Well, it turns out that nobody could make it thus no birthday party. I wasn't surprised that it fell through. I wasn't sad cause I really didn't care.
The next big issue is my wedding. Although everything is planned and ready to go, the one thing I pictured was to be surrounded by my family and a few friends. It is my fault to have a destination wedding and current economic events don't make things any easier to people to travel. However, my family and friends all have jobs so are lucky. Not to mention i have an inherited stressor about money. I have a $3000 minimum on food and beverage I would like to cover otherwise its a waste of money. So if I can get 25 people to my wedding/reception that would cover almost half the minimum. Although i have an open house two days after that where I will see all that couldn't come to the wedding, the initial ceremony and celebration is what I imagined. Odviously Jason could care very little about how many people come. He wanted a small ceremony anyway. I just think positively about the open house and that lack of people at the wedding will be made up then.