Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Open House

When we returned to Utah from our brief honeymoon, we had a lot to do. We were worried about it raining so we had to come up with a backup plan. We had to put decorations up and experiment with these really pretty floats that Candice created for the pool. We tried to decide what the setup would be and where the food would be. The day of the open house everyone was busy super cleaning, cooking, preparing, setting up, getting ready etc. Well it was raining all day! My aunt called about three times to reassure us that it was supposed to clear around the time the open house was supposed to start. We watched, an hour before the open house, rain pour from the sky, hail pelting the ground. Our street was practically flooding, the hail pretty much covered the ground and made our pool look like a slush puddle. We all were wondering what was going to happen. Well, once again God smiled on us and the rain stopped. We were running around so fast trying to get things setup I have no idea how we did it! Jason and I had seconds to get dressed in our attire. We were all so sweaty and hot from running around we barely had time to catch our breath before greeting our guests. The food was awesome! Severely overpriced, but good. We made ourselves the pigs in a blanket and bacon wrapped shrimp. We are awesome!! Everything was crazy, crazy, crazy, but in the end things cleared up and once again became Perfect.

marriage certificate

We stopped in Afton, WY, to do my Dad's wish of checking to see if we could get our license. When we got to the office they didn't even ask us for ID's. We just filled out our paperwork. She was having a problem with the printer and said "they don't do a lot of these here." When we looked over the document she had mispelled my mothers maiden name which she corrected. Than we noticed she spelled Arizona....Arizonia. We didn't correct this cause I didn't want her to feel stupid. So now our permanent licese has Arizonia on it. I figured that because of these little faults something was going to happen. Well today I go to the Social security office to change my name and they said they couldn't find the marriage certificate number. So I stood there for about fifteen minutes while they sorted things out. I guess they had to call the office in Wyoming and the get the number. They also stamped the wrong seal on the certificate. haha. Just so everybody knows......don't get married in Wyoming. They don't know what they are doing.

our wedding

We are married finally! YAY! It was so beautiful and perfect. I would totally do it again (not the planning part of it). Jason and I just got our puppy Peru three days before we took the long road trip up to Utah. It was a nice ride and we had fun while traveling. We finally got to Utah and I had to register my car so we could drive legally. So we go to Jiffy Lube and have our emission and safety done. The guys said I had to get a muffler problem fixed before it would pass. So I had to drive to Midas and was told it would cost $115 to fix it. We then had my car pass inspection and renewed my registration. That was a bit stressful cause I didn't really budget the money for that. We were really tired when we got to my parents house. We had to finish some details for the open house following the wedding. I found out my music didn't work on a stereo so my brother-in-law formatted it for me. Everybody was kind of scurring around trying to get ready for the trip up to Jackson the next day. We got up early the next day. Jason and I went ahead of the rest because my dad was freaking out about us not being able to get our marriage certificate. He said to stop in Afton to make sure we could get it there or in Jackson. We stopped in Afton and acquired our license. We checked into our hotel in Jackson. It was funny for us to joke cause the Raymond Rounds family went from one hotel room to multiple hotel rooms in less than a year. HEHE. We walked around and took care of some stuff. It rained most of the time we were there. For our wedding it was supposed to rain too. We finally got to Jackson Lake Lodge where the ceremony was going to be held. We settled in and went to our rehearsal dinner. It was 4 courses and delicious. I was happy our guests could get a taste of our world and what we are used to. Wedding day: my sisters and I woke up at 4:30 am to get ready. The banquet staff brought fruit and pastries and coffee for us. Everyone trickled in to say hi and see me before the wedding. Jason and the guys were downstairs talking to the officiant. The cutest thing, my puppy Peru decided the train of my dress was a bed and proceeded to take a nap. I dragged her around for a minute. Awesome moment. I started getting really nervous right before I was supposed to walk down the aisle. I was so happy that I was oblivious to most everything and everybody around me. It was threatening rain, but I didn't care. Jason looked so handsome! During the ceremony I like to think that God smiled down on us with a ray of sunshine through the clouds (literally). Perfect! We said our I do's and We are now MR. AND MRS. SMITH. The reception was beautiful. The food was exquisite and we were surrounded by the most special people in our lives. Jason and I than took off to Snow King Resort to spend a couple of days together. It was really relaxing. I was sooo tired that I took a nap right after we got there. During our second night we were in the hot tub outside and a double rainbow went over the top us. That was so great. Perfect!