Thursday, October 29, 2009


Why do people think they are invincible, indistructable, and responsible when they drink and then drive. People are stupid. IDIOTS! my friend has been battling his DUI for two years now just to get it dismissed. So much money and time for a simple phone call to a cab or friend would have avoided that situation in the first place. And why do friends (if they are friends) let thier fellow friends walk out of the bar or whatever drunk and not offer a way home even if they had been drinking but are totally sober enough to drive the person home or call them a cab. Friends....puh whatever, no trust there. It is the worst thing in the world to see someone you know shouldn't be driving sent away by thier friends and you don't know them but still worry about them. Tons of water and a little time and one could be sober to drive. it completely escapes too many people's common sense to remedy thier behavior and then redo it once they are safe at home. It is such a frustrating thing to see and know people that have been beyond stupid and paid the price. Yet they still never learn. What is it that makes them think they can drive safely home after having drinks. If you don't know your limit then you shouldn't even be participating in bar activity etc. So ridiculous. I am grateful for my up bringing and that I can be that person to care for friends that can't care for themselves.