Friday, August 27, 2010


My pregs aka Beebs told me to write on my blog more. So here we go. I was able to come visit the family this past week. I was super excited to see Beebs pregnant. It tripped me out to see her like that. I would poke her belly, or rub her belly just make sure it was real. She looks adorable. It made me really think about having children. Jason and I have been talking and talking about it. We had a set time to start trying and I am FREAKED OUT. Babies are a big deal. We have a boy name and a girl name picked out already. I live a lifestyle much different than the typical 9-5. So its questions galor to my friends at work who have children and live the life I do. Two major things that have plagued my mind are finances of course and child care. I live in Arizona, miles from my family. Family being close would be so ideal if I needed a babysitter for free. Child care is super expensive. Of course, the other solution is that Jason and I work opposite schedules. My analytical mind is completely overwhelmed with finding a solution. At least I have people around that can give me advice. I have awhile yet, but its not like time stands still.