Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My parents came and to visit us down here in Tucson Arizona. I think i have seen my parents more this year the previous. I surprised my dad for his retirement. We visited them earlier in the year for our annual "go see Mr. Logan and family." This time my parents came to us. It was fun filled weekend. My dad became more aware of how desolate Arizona is. Driving from Phoenix to Tucson is nothing but a straight line of desert and seems to take forever. We visited the Pima Air and Space Museum for my father. He was very impressed with the vastness and variety of the items. We treated them to dinner at Jason's restaurant. But not before my mom and I went shopping!! I never go shopping, it was really fun and got some cute things. My dad was enamored by our server. She just charmed the pants off him. HAHA. It was amusing. Jason and I had to work the next day so my parents were left to do whatever. They had fun. We took them to the Tucson street fair and found some fun items. We then made our way to Phoenix. We had to wait for uncle randy and richard before we decided what to do for dinner. We went to downtown Tempe and found a irish place that was pretty quaint and highly authentic. I always thought my uncle richard was a cool guy and he still is. The dynamic between the brothers is pretty interesting and funny. We called it a night. The next day we made our way the Cardinals vs. 49ers game. My first NFL game. The fans were absolutely crazy. There were a ton of 49er fans including Jason. I was sporting the Broncos logo. My mom had the Steelers, and my dad had the Siants. We were quite the bunch. It was a weird game and the 49ers scored only one touchdown and the rest were field goals. Cardinals rallied back and won. Jason was kind of upset. It was a good time and I hope to see another game. It was really nice to hang with family and my uncles. Maybe next time my sisters can come too.

Monday, November 28, 2011


My cousin caused me to reminisce about family and holidays. When we were kids, we always created these crazy games. There was doggie soccer, soccer with a beach ball, trampoline basketball, some sort of a hide and seek game. We would play for hours and wake up the next morning super sore. Holidays were always fun and happy. The adults would talk, play jeopardy or some sort of a intellectual game. The cousins would go play our own board game or cards or something active. Grandma would bring chocolate cream pie and banana cream pie. Turkey was always a little dry but what can you do about that. The feeling would be warm and inviting. Thanksgiving was truly a time to be grateful for the family we have. Now that we are all older, married, and have kids a great many things have changed. The family is never completely intact. One person is here another is there. We are too old to crouch down in the doggie stance and play soccer. We all have sort of become unfamiliar with each other. Being with family is so important. We are all lucky to have the one we have. I am grateful for that. Our childhood together as cousins and family will forever be the best past time we will all know. We still talk about them. I just hope we don't forget them and what it was like to be so close and together.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

strength of women

So us Rounds girls have been raised to work hard, sacrifice, stay humble, go for the underdogs, and never assume something so quickly. We also were raised to be financially responsible. Going through life I never spent money unnecessarily. Sure I would splurge on shoes or clothes, but now I have a family it becomes really different. Although there is more than just me bringing in a paycheck, lots of money goes out. Stupid bills (namely A/C). But as our relationship progressed I quickly realized and took it upon myself to be the financial adviser of our household. I obsessively check our accounts. I constantly irritate Jason on what he spends. Unfortunately I have had to try to install an allowance for Jason (with little success). I try to show him my spreadsheet to show where money goes and how much comes in. If it weren't for me and my obsessiveness we would be in debt and not living a nice life. My poor husband was never taught such a responsibility. He only had his mom since his dad died when Jason was really young. His mom never knew how to handle money. It is not his fault. I have taught him some things. I always try to explain to him why "we can't do this now because we have this going on." It's not always accepted. One thing I will for sure incorporate into the lives of my children is to be financially responsible and live within your means.

It kind of irks me that some people I work with sort of cop out from grown up responsibilities. One person I work with was laid off from her job. Not a cop out. But she moved in with her parents to "save money and maybe go back to school." When your at your parents house they typically cook and buy food for you, have laundry available, have hot water, a nice A/C for the house. So by living there you don't have bills to pay. Any money that comes in is all yours. This person pays her phone bill and a health insurance bill per month. Well wouldn't that be nice. She can afford to buy stuff from Coach, J Crew, Macy's etc. I am jealous that she has the money to do these things. I don't care about Coach or J Crew, but Macy's has cute things. It has been almost two years and she still hasn't "saved enough." This I know to be false because I make what she does. Anyway so I think its a cop out that a person my age won't get their own apartment and be an adult. Another thing my children will get a lesson on. Be an adult.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I am not one to adapt to change unless it is gradual and i know it is coming. I am slowly coming around to the idea of having a child. I have gotten to the stage of planning the babies room and how many people to invite to the baby shower. Now I have to find insurance, make sure we can at least make the premiums. It's stressful for me to decide on an insurance company. Sorry all, I live a life the is not 9-5 and has benefits. We have to seek it out. Babies change a life. Am I keen on it, not really. But everybody says there is no preparing, you just have to do it. Yeah, that like telling the united states we aren't in debt and don't owe anybody anything. Not so much. I come from a life where people have a way of thinking for the most part. There is a sequence of events that happens in life. School, graduation, job, marriage, family/career. I love my life. I have never been a social person. So to be at home and not have to talk to anybody except family or husband is fantastic. I am bombarded with constant want and need. To not have that for just one day is super. To have a baby will be different. I will want to heed to there every need and want. I do it for the most part with my nephew. I do things in my own time. Eventually I get there. I bristle at attempts to coax me on. This is how I have always lived my life. I think God wouldn't have it any less. He has never prompted me to force my way forward. Things come around as they should and there is always good standing afterwards. I wait things out and always turnout well for me and others.

Friday, May 6, 2011


So I really should make a log of all the clumsy moments that I do to myself, objects, and others. I find random bruises that are probably from work. I sure as heck don't have nimble fingers. My feet aren't fast. And my mind is rather scattered (what a surprise coming from my moms side of the family). I have knocked over or spilled more glasses of wine at home that its become humiliating. Thus i buy a carpet cleaner. Best buy for me. Our good friend witnessed one of these spills, and took it to heart. For christmas he bought me stemless wine glasses. Great present cause I could handle the glasses much better. Well it was due to catch up with me. With a nice combination of allergies, and nice strong sneeze, and my hand just happening to hit my glass I caused a mess. The best part is I had to clean the carpet, clean my couch cover, and thank my dear husband for knowing me so well and getting a warranty for my brand new Kindle. Ouy!! I tell you what I just wander if my kids will be more agile and smooth.
Case in Point: I take a pot pie out of the oven and i manage to spill and drop it all over the oven door. I am glad I have dogs. Best cleaners ever. I have broken all of our stem wear. ALL OF IT! plus enough of our dishes and water glasses that another one of my christmas gifts was a new dish set and water glasses. Dear Lord why have you blessed me with such a gift.