Monday, November 28, 2011


My cousin caused me to reminisce about family and holidays. When we were kids, we always created these crazy games. There was doggie soccer, soccer with a beach ball, trampoline basketball, some sort of a hide and seek game. We would play for hours and wake up the next morning super sore. Holidays were always fun and happy. The adults would talk, play jeopardy or some sort of a intellectual game. The cousins would go play our own board game or cards or something active. Grandma would bring chocolate cream pie and banana cream pie. Turkey was always a little dry but what can you do about that. The feeling would be warm and inviting. Thanksgiving was truly a time to be grateful for the family we have. Now that we are all older, married, and have kids a great many things have changed. The family is never completely intact. One person is here another is there. We are too old to crouch down in the doggie stance and play soccer. We all have sort of become unfamiliar with each other. Being with family is so important. We are all lucky to have the one we have. I am grateful for that. Our childhood together as cousins and family will forever be the best past time we will all know. We still talk about them. I just hope we don't forget them and what it was like to be so close and together.