Friday, May 6, 2011


So I really should make a log of all the clumsy moments that I do to myself, objects, and others. I find random bruises that are probably from work. I sure as heck don't have nimble fingers. My feet aren't fast. And my mind is rather scattered (what a surprise coming from my moms side of the family). I have knocked over or spilled more glasses of wine at home that its become humiliating. Thus i buy a carpet cleaner. Best buy for me. Our good friend witnessed one of these spills, and took it to heart. For christmas he bought me stemless wine glasses. Great present cause I could handle the glasses much better. Well it was due to catch up with me. With a nice combination of allergies, and nice strong sneeze, and my hand just happening to hit my glass I caused a mess. The best part is I had to clean the carpet, clean my couch cover, and thank my dear husband for knowing me so well and getting a warranty for my brand new Kindle. Ouy!! I tell you what I just wander if my kids will be more agile and smooth.
Case in Point: I take a pot pie out of the oven and i manage to spill and drop it all over the oven door. I am glad I have dogs. Best cleaners ever. I have broken all of our stem wear. ALL OF IT! plus enough of our dishes and water glasses that another one of my christmas gifts was a new dish set and water glasses. Dear Lord why have you blessed me with such a gift.


  1. Amen sista! That's what patient husbands are for, right? Haha! I'm thoroughly amused you managed to spill a pot pie though. Half of the time, I can't get those to come out of the aluminum when I'm TRYING to remove them.

  2. HAHA! That's great! I am clumsy at times too!