Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My parents came and to visit us down here in Tucson Arizona. I think i have seen my parents more this year the previous. I surprised my dad for his retirement. We visited them earlier in the year for our annual "go see Mr. Logan and family." This time my parents came to us. It was fun filled weekend. My dad became more aware of how desolate Arizona is. Driving from Phoenix to Tucson is nothing but a straight line of desert and seems to take forever. We visited the Pima Air and Space Museum for my father. He was very impressed with the vastness and variety of the items. We treated them to dinner at Jason's restaurant. But not before my mom and I went shopping!! I never go shopping, it was really fun and got some cute things. My dad was enamored by our server. She just charmed the pants off him. HAHA. It was amusing. Jason and I had to work the next day so my parents were left to do whatever. They had fun. We took them to the Tucson street fair and found some fun items. We then made our way to Phoenix. We had to wait for uncle randy and richard before we decided what to do for dinner. We went to downtown Tempe and found a irish place that was pretty quaint and highly authentic. I always thought my uncle richard was a cool guy and he still is. The dynamic between the brothers is pretty interesting and funny. We called it a night. The next day we made our way the Cardinals vs. 49ers game. My first NFL game. The fans were absolutely crazy. There were a ton of 49er fans including Jason. I was sporting the Broncos logo. My mom had the Steelers, and my dad had the Siants. We were quite the bunch. It was a weird game and the 49ers scored only one touchdown and the rest were field goals. Cardinals rallied back and won. Jason was kind of upset. It was a good time and I hope to see another game. It was really nice to hang with family and my uncles. Maybe next time my sisters can come too.

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